Alat Pengukur Ketebalan Marka

Pabrikasi dan Penjualan Alat dan Mesin marka jalan, mesin marka jalan, peralatan pendukung marka jalan yang tentunya berkualitas dan harga terjangkau.




Alat Pengukur Ketebalan Marka

Spesifikasi :
Sensor: Probe F N
Working principle: Magnetic induction Eddy current principle
Measuring range: 0-1250um 0-1250um
Guaranted tolerance (of reading): (+/- 3% +1%)um (+/- 3% + 1.5)um
Low range precision:0.1um 0.1um
Minimum curvature radius: 1.5mm 3mm
Diameter of minimum area: 3mm 5mm
Basic critical thickness: 0.5mm 0.3mm
Size (HxWxD): 113.5mm x 54mm x 27mm


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